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Sometimes the universe falls into place around you. You land a cool new client with whom you establish an instant intellectual chemistry. You love their products, and they rave over your great customer service and reasonable ad rates. Groundbreaking new ad concepts mysteriously appear in your head, and your graphics department translates them into award-winning ads that have new customers streaming through the door. Your client sings your praises to all her business colleagues, and you reap new referral business almost every day. Life is not good—it's awesome.

And sometimes only half of that stuff comes to pass, but it's okay. You and your client still have a mutual admiration society, your graphics buddies turn out killer ads most of the time, and your client has more good sales days than bad ones. She has referred a friend or two along the way, too. And these small pleasures may provide you with the satisfaction you need to keep going. If you still need a bit more, try noshing on a Snickers bar.