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Physical Danger

No, you won't find any lions, tigers, and bears in your sales territory (unless, of course, your client list includes the city zoo). However, you could find yourself in mortal danger if you're not careful, so keep an eye on hazards you might face on your sales calls. Got a bowling center client? Watch those flying balls and wayward pins. (Okay, so there are some unusually bad bowlers here.) How about a pet grooming shop? Beware of canine clients who may bite your ankle or pee on your leg. And yes, you have to wear a hard hat if you visit a client's construction site. You don't want to be the unfortunate target of flying rivets accidentally dropped from a 10th floor worksite.

But your client workplace hazards pale next to the dangers you face from other ad sales reps. You know that prospect you've been working on for three months? He's going to sign an advertising contract today, and every ad rep within 50 miles is locked in mortal combat to get the business. This take-no-prisoners battle closely resembles an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout, as you hurtle across six lanes to grab that parking space near the prospect's door. Getting out of your car, you glimpse two other ad reps homing in on the entrance from opposite directions. Good thing you wore your track shoes—you block the door while the other two reps fight for position. You consider a body slam, but that would be overkill. You fling them out of the way, burst through the door, and greet the disbelieving prospect with your clothing slightly askew but with your dignity intact, according to you at least. Advantage (and contract): you.