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Bell Curve


While doing stunt work for the movie Splat, you gave the title new meaning. At least you lived the dream for a few brief seconds.


While performing a stunt for an independent film, you let your focus wander for just a split second and now your stunt partner is paralyzed and in the hospital. The guilt is making you want to jump off a building—good thing that's part of your job.


You've been in L.A. for a few years and you're working quasi-regularly as a stunt performer in the movies. Just small stuff, because you don’t have the background and training required to assign you to the truly dangerous (and high-paying) stunts. Great—now you’re going to live longer than those other guys and be able to afford it less.


You've been doing stunt work in films and on television for years. When someone needs a guy to wrestle an angry tiger to the ground, they call you. However, when someone needs to get PETA off their back, they also have them call you.


You are the greatest daredevil of your generation. We're talking sold-out venues, legions of fans, a couple of book deals. We're a little concerned about your claim that you're going to jump the Pacific Ocean, but you've never failed us before....