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Bell Curve


You have become known among your peers and patients as “Dr. Death.” And this only partly refers to the temperature of your handshake.


You are a second-year vet at a tiny office in Wyoming. The office is located in a small town—you don’t have many patients, but those you do have are loyal. Not like they have any other options unless they want to drive their mutt across the state border.


You have a private practice and work exclusively with horses. It's not because you like them more; it's just that they are superior to all other animals.


You are the most tenured vet at a large office in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. You have a long, solid track record of bringing animals back from the brink of death. Your secret? Your grandma's Dutch apple pie recipe.


You discovered a cure for "barking syndrome," and are awarded a Nobel Prize. No one will be kept awake by a yipping Chihuahua ever again.