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Average Salary: $84,460

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $3,526,000

The money is very nice—somewhere around $85k-$95k for your average vet. But a much higher end exists. Vets bill. Animal people will often pay more attention to the health of their dog than their elderly parents.

There is pet insurance, but generally people just pay cash for an appointment. If you are in a reasonably upscale area, an appointment can run $50-$150. For emergency care, just multiply by two, and if Rover perchance needs an operation….

Looks like Rover could use some Botox.

You are a doctor, after all, and you have veterinary school payments to make. Within a few years of making this kind of cabbage, you should be able to get Fido his own apartment. Then he can crap wherever and whenever he darn well pleases. And the reality is that most vets, like most doctors, make their real money from owning the real estate under their own buildings, but maybe that's a different story.