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Cerberus Photos

That's A Good Boy
Who says hellhounds aren't happy? [Cerberus by William Blake]

The Gods Must Be Crazy
This is what Cerberus thinks to himself everyday as he watches their shenanigans. [The bark of Charon, the sleep of the night and Morpheus by Luca Giordano, 1684-1686]

A Death God's Best Friend
Hades couldn't have found a better pooch. [Unknown artist, 16th century.]

Cerberus was totally embarrassed when Heracles got the best of him. [Heracles Capturing Cerberus by Hans Sebald, 1545]

Ready for His Close-Up
Looking fierce. [Sketch for a Cerberus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1585]

Furry Little Guy
Breath of fire, mane of snakes, three heads—and still so cute. [Line art drawing of Cerberus, Pearson Scott Foresman]