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Church Going

Church Going


by Philip Larkin

Church Going Resources


Cool Quotes

Follow the link below to check out some pearls of wisdom from our man, Philip Larkin.

The Official Website

Do you really, really love Larkin? Then why not join the Philip Larkin Society, and get access to its illustrated newsletter, About Larkin?

The Official BBC Page

Like the title says, here's Larkin's official page on the British Broadcast Corporation's website.

Blogger's Look at "Church Going"

Here's a blogger who has a solid handle on Philip Larkin.


The BBC's "Down Cemetery Road" with Philip Larkin

Here's Part 1 of an amazing three-part video, featuring readings from Larkin's poetry and a great sit-down with John Betjeman. Around the 5:30 minute mark of Part 2, you actually have a rare video of Larkin walking around a church and acting out the scenes of "Church Going."

The Lost Tapes

Check out this news story about the discovery of some lost tapes of Larkin reading.


An Incredible Reading of "Church Going"

Here, you get Larkin himself reading his poem, "Church Going." Give it a listen and you might realize things about the poem that just reading it might not have told you.

Larkin Reads "Aubade"

In the clip, you can hear Larkin reading his super-famous, super-creepy poem about death. Some of the stuff he says about religion might give you new insights into "Church Going."


Larkin Thinking

Here's the look of a man who's got something important to write.

Cool Sketch of Larkin

Someone did a really great job of capturing the spooky side of Larkin's face.

Young Larkin

Yikes—people always talk about how homely Larkin was, but he wasn't a bad-looking kid.

Articles & Interviews

Martin Amis on Philip Larkin's Romantic Life

Here's a really quirky and interesting article, in which famous author Martin Amis (son of Larkin's buddy, Kingsley Amis), reflects on the failures of Larkin's love life in a way that only those dour Brits can do.

Amis and Larkin: Hate in a Cold Climate

Follow this link to a super-informative article about the often-rocky relationship between Philip Larkin and famous author Kingsley Amis.

Philip Larkin Interview in The Paris Review

Once again, The Paris Review gives us a fantastic, in-depth look at a great poet through the poet's own words.


Philip Larkin, the Book

If you can get yourself a copy, this book contains some great insights on Larkin's poetry by many different critics and writers, including the great Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

Poetry that Builds Bridges

In this book, Sisir Kumar Chatterjee aggressively argues against people who find Larkin depressing and pessimistic, suggesting that Larkin's poetry is actually full of hope and love. It's a cup-half-full take on Larkin.

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