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A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange


by Anthony Burgess

 Table of Contents

A Clockwork Orange Characters

Meet the Cast


The protagonist-narrator of his violent and almost sci-fi adventure, Alex starts out as a fifteen-year-old gang leader of "modern youth" hell-bent on raping and pillaging. By the end of the book, h...

Minister of the Interior

The Minister of the Interior is a pragmatist, a utilitarian, or even a Machiavellian, if you will. OK, more to the point, he is an ends-justify-the-means kind of guy, or basically, Mr. Necessary Ev...

F. Alexander

Though F. Alexander is a writer-type, he can't be mistaken for an ineffective bookworm. He's a political dissident, and one so committed to his anti-Government vision that he's willing to sacrifice...

Prison Chaplain

The resident priest of Staja, the prison chaplain genuinely finds Alex endearing. He also likes Alex because he is a snitch, and the snitching provides fodder for the chaplain moving up in the worl...

Dr. Brodsky and Dr. Branom

The white-coats are behavioral scientists who oversee Alex's treatment with Ludovico's Technique. Both are soulless and content with their work. They are patronizing to Alex. They are not personabl...

Dim, Georgie

Dim and George first are members of Alex's gang. Dim is the strong and dumb one that has a problem with Alex's authority. Georgie is the smarter and ambitious one that leads the rebellion against A...

P.R. Deltoid

Post-Corrective Adviser to Alex, P. R. Deltoid is a detached State employee who nonetheless seeks to do the right thing. He takes some liking to Alex, as evidenced by his visit to Alex's home to ca...


Pete has always been the most reasonable among Alex's entourage. Pete is significant because he represents the idea that criminals can reform on their own: the idyllic life he chooses to lead in pa...
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