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How Important Are My Test Scores?
Article Type: Panic Button

Standardized tests are big and bad and scary and we hate them just as much as Gollum hates hobbits. They are, however, a fact of life, so you need to pull yourself together. How do you do that?

Grab your Miley Cyrus mix tape and a virgin piña colada, because we've got a list for you.

Four Reasons Why You Should Not Be Terrified of Standardized Tests

1. SAT and ACT scores are important, but they won’t make or break you.

There are lots of pieces to your application, and lots of places for you to shine that do not in any way involve numbers.

2. College admissions officers are people, too. 

See number 1, plus the fact that they freely admit that a 100-point increase in test scores won’t make much of a difference to your application. Although a 100-point increase in your ACT score means something went wrong. The max score is 36.

3. Retakes are up for grabs.

If you’ve given yourself enough time, you can take the SAT and/or ACT more than once. Brrr.

4. Some schools are test-optional.

You can recognize them by the holy light emanating from their campuses. What this means is that the strength of your application will not be affected if you choose not to submit standardized test scores. Check out a list of test-optional schools here.

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