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The Death of Ivan Ilych

The Death of Ivan Ilych


by Leo Tolstoy

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The Death of Ivan Ilych Quotes

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Mortality Quotes

Besides considerations as to the possible transfers and promotions likely to result from Ivan Ilych's death, the mere fact of the death of a near acquaintance aroused, as usual, in all who heard of...

Happiness Quotes

Schwartz was waiting for him in the adjoining room with legs spread wide apart and both hands toying with his top-hat behind his back. The mere sight of that playful, well-groomed, and elegant figu...

Lies and Deceit Quotes

Ivan Ilych had been a colleague of the gentlemen present and was liked by them all. He had been ill for some weeks with an illness said to be incurable. His post had been kept open for him, but the...

Society and Class Quotes

"Had he any property?" "I think his wife had a little – but something quite trifling." (1.12-13)

Suffering Quotes

"He suffered terribly the last few days." "Did he?" said Peter Ivanovich. "Oh, terribly! He screamed unceasingly, not for minutes but for hours. For the last three days he screamed incessantly. It...

Religion Quotes

Peter Ivanovich, like everyone else on such occasions, entered feeling uncertain what he would have to do. All he knew was that at such times it is always safe to cross oneself. But he was not quit...

Technology and Modernization Quotes

"But what really was the matter with him?" "The doctors couldn't say – at least they could, but each of them said something different. When last I saw him I though he was getting better." (1....

Isolation Quotes

Ivan Ilych felt himself abandoned by everyone, and that they regarded his position with a salary of 3,500 rubles as quite normal and even fortunate. He alone knew that with the consciousness of the...

Family Quotes

Praskovya Fedorovna came of a good family, was not bad looking, and had some little property. Ivan Ilych might have aspired to a more brilliant match, but even this was good. He had his salary, and...

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