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by Christopher Paolini

Eragon Resources


The Inheritance Cycle

Your one-stop shop for all things Alagaësia.


So you think you're a fan of the book? Here's the place for you. If you have a couple of days to kill, go check out this super-comprehensive fan site.



With baby Saphira on the movie poster! Awww.

Movie Poster

Check out these serious-looking actors. Don't mess with 'em.

Fan Drawing

We think this drawing of Eragon, Zar'roc, and Saphira is pretty keen. If you're reading this, artist, give us a shout!

Alagaësia Map

Eat your heart out, Rand McNally.

Articles and Interviews

Homeschool Success

Christopher Paolini was homeschooled (kind of like Eragon!). Here's a profile on the book's success from the homeschooling angle.

A Critical Defense

This author takes on Eragon's critics in the journal Flyway.


Movie Trailer

If you haven't yet caught the film, get with the program. Maybe this epic trailer will convince you otherwise.

Writing Eragon

Check out this interview that Christopher Paolini did with Forbes magazine. Nothing better than getting into the mind of the author.

Eragon Dance

Man, the Internet is just…wow. We kind of like this, though. Don't judge.


Shur'tugal Interview

Being the operator of a fan website is a thankless job, but there are some perks: interviews with the author!

The Author Hour Interview

Despite the title, this one only lasts fourteen minutes. But we get some good juice anyway.

Interviews Abound

One more! This time hosted by Barnes and Noble. (Bottom line: this guy is popular.)

Christopher Paolini

The author. In the flesh. And SO YOUNG—20 years old—when the book came out.

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