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FDR's New Deal Introduction

In A Nutshell

Franklin Delano Roosevelt assumed the presidency at the darkest hour of the Great Depression, pledging to fix the economy by getting the federal government involved. While Roosevelt's New Deal did not, in fact, end the Great Depression, it did permanently alter American society and create many of the structures that sustained prosperity following World War II.


Why Should I Care?

Why does Franklin Delano Roosevelt still matter, sixty years after he died just 82 days into his unprecedented fourth term in the White House?

Because FDR made the modern presidency.

Because the New Deal made modern American society.

Whether you love FDR's politics and policies or loathe them, it's impossible to imagine the world we live in today without them.

He is the last president, possibly the last person, with the middle name "Delano."

That's why Franklin Delano Roosevelt still matters.

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