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Fractions & Decimals
Fractions & Decimals
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Fractions & Decimals

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We know. Fractions and decimals may not sound exciting. But, we have great news: you’re already a pro. Yep, you've been using fractions and decimals for years and years. Remember splitting up a pizza equally between 6 people? Ever been half an hour late? Ever bought something for $2.50? That's all we're talking about here.

We will arm you with tricks and tools to take on any fraction or decimal problem that dares to cross your path. We will show you loads of examples along the way. And we will also try out word problems because those are the types of problems you’ll run into in your daily life. “Hey buddy, do you have change for a $1?”



Life is full of fractions and decimals.

Without fractions, building and measurement would be impossible, baking and cooking would become super complicated, and talking about time, money, and sharing would become a royal pain. When your brother hoards half of the slices from that uber-carnivore pizza, he's taking a fraction of the entire pizza. 

Think decimals are too small to really matter? Well, many countries use decimals to count money. That's pretty important. Decimals play a big role in sports, too. Just ask Michael Phelps, who won his seventh gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics by touching-out his competitor in the 100-meter butterfly by 0.01 seconds. The next day, he won his record-setting eighth gold medal when his relay team beat the silver medalist Australian team by 0.7 seconds.

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