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The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie

by Tennessee Williams
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The Glass Menagerie Family Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

She crosses through the portieres and draws them together behind her. Tom is left with Laura. Laura clings weakly to the mantel with her face averted. Tom stares at her stupidly for a moment. Then he crosses to the shelf. He drops awkwardly on his knees to collect the fallen glass, glancing at Laura as if he would speak but couldn’t. (Scene Three, stage directions).

Even while he is fighting with his mother, Tom maintains family loyalty and love for his sister.

Quote #2

[beseechingly]: "Tom, speak to Mother this morning. Make up with her, apologize, speak to her!" (4.16, Laura)

Laura frequently tries to intervene in Tom and Amanda’s fights.

Quote #3

A second later she cries out. Tom springs up and crosses to the door. Tom opens the door. "Laura?" "I'm all right. I slipped, but I'm all right." (Scene Four stage directions, 4.29, 4.30, Tom and Laura).

Tom displays a brotherly concern and protective attitude toward his sister Laura.

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