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Quote #19

The music seems to answer his question, while Tom thinks it over. He searches his pockets. (Scene Six stage directions.)

Williams uses music to emphasize the subjective and memory nature of the play.

Quote #20

"There was a Jim O'Connor we both knew in high school-[then, with effort] If that is the one that Tom is bringing to dinner-you'll have to excuse me, I won't come to the table." (6.30, Laura).

"You remember that wonderful write-up I had in The Torch?"


"It said I was bound to succeed in anything I went into!" (6.126-6.128, Jim and Laura)

Quote #21

Jim, just like Amanda, spends excessive time discussing both the glory days of his past and his dreams for the future.

Just as Amanda, Laura is so haunted by her own past that it debilitates her living in the present.

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