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Kaffir Boy

Kaffir Boy


by Mark Mathabane

Kaffir Boy Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. What do you think people struggle with racism worldwide? Why do you think we've struggled to accept people whose skin color is different than ours? Do you believe that racism is based purely on the color of skin, or is there a clear cultural bias attached to racism at the same time? (In other words, is racism based on a fear and hatred of another people's religious and cultural values and traditions as much as it's based on skin color – or is racism purely a fear and hatred of people who look different ?)
  2. What were some of the contradictions in official apartheid policy explored in this book?
  3. Think about the many indignities that Mark and his family suffered. Why do you think Mark was able to persist and rise above the system? What gave him courage to succeed?
  4. Kaffir Boy suggests that sports are a site of social struggle, a site often at the forefront of social change. Do you think that statement is true? Why or why not? Can you see examples of this in sports history?

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