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Khonsu Photos

Bab el Amara Gate at Karnak
Welcome to my palace! This is one of the gates to my temple at Karnak. [David Roberts, Holy Land and Egypt and Nubia, Volume 3, frontpage]

It's Me!
Check me out. I just got a haircut, too. [Bronze statue, Louvre Museum, Paris]

It's All in a Month's Work
Keeping this thing going each month is exhausting. [Photograph, "Lunar Moon Eclipse Feb 20 2008," February 20, 2008, Cristian Valenzuela Videla, permission: Astronomica del Sur Ltda.]

Ramses II Makes Himself Known at Karnak
This is the royal name of my friend Rammy on a wall in the temple complex at Karnak. I've got a close connection to this pic—I healed Ramses' sister-in-law and I have a temple at Karnak. [Photograph, Cartouche of Ramesses II, Karnak]

Unas Gets It Write
When Pharaoh Unas wanted to get even with his enemies, he called on me to rip them apart. He tells that story on the walls of his pyramid, shown here. [Photograph, View 17: Burial Chamber, Pyramid of Unas, Sakkara, n.d. Brooklyn Museum Archives (S10-08 Sakkara, image 9643), taken 1900.]

Mom and Dad Together
These are my parents, Amun and Mut. Don't they make a fabulous couple? [Statue, Museum of Luxor, date not given]

Bird's the Word
This guy captured the majesty of the falcon. That's why I choose to show myself as half-falcon, half-awesome guy. [Painting, Edwin Landseer, Falcon, 1837]

Map of My Homeland
This is a pretty old map, but it shows just how big Ancient Egypt was. I helped rule over all of that! Pretty impressive, huh? [Map, Aegyptus Antiqua Mandato Serenissimi Delphini Publici Juris Facta., Jeanne Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville, 1794.]

Sarcophagus Box of Ramses III (another of my favorite kings)
This dude built my temple for me at Karnak. Of course I love him. [Photograph, Louvre Museum]

Back to Karnak
Gorgeous, isn't it? Now, you see why I loved spending time at my temple there. [Central Avenue of the Hall of Columns at Karnak, David Roberts, 1838]

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