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The Lightning Thief

The Lightning Thief


by Rick Riordan

The Lightning Thief Questions

  1. How are the gods different from or similar to humans? How is the immortal world different from or similar to the mortal world?
  2. How is Percy similar to and/or different from Harry Potter? How is this story similar to and/or different from the Harry Potter series?
  3. Which of the Olympians would you most like to be and why? If you were a half-blood, which Camp Half-Blood cabin would you be in?
  4. If you were a god, what would your power be?
  5. What is "Western Civilization"? Why do the Olympians constantly move to the place where the spirit of Western Civilization burns brightest?
  6. Are the gods truly immortal?
  7. Who is Kronos and what does he want? How do the Titans in this book compare to the Titans in other recent media (the God of War videogame series, the Clash of the Titans movie, etc.)?
  8. Would you rather be a god, a demi-god, a human, a centaur, a satyr, a wood nymph, a Nereid, or a monster? Why?
  9. In his review of The Lightning Thief for Common Sense Media, Matt Berman says, "the characters aren't emotionally involving." Do you agree with his opinion? Check out his full review here.
  10. Write your own review of The Lightning Thief.
  11. What does "fate" mean to the gods? Do you believe in fate?
  12. Why isn't Hestia, Zeus's sister, an Olympian?
  13. Who are the minor gods and why are they different from the Olympians?
  14. Why does Luke say, "I hate prophecies"? (7.99).

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