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The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray


by Oscar Wilde

 Table of Contents

The Picture of Dorian Gray Characters

Meet the Cast

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray is so many opposites at once that we can't really try to understand them all. He's good, he's bad; he's beautiful, he's hideous; he's perfect, he's terribly flawed. Most importantly, he...

Lord Henry Wotton

Wow – with friends like Lord Henry, who needs enemies? This hedonistic, selfish aristocrat has the whole world at his fingertips, and, rather than doing something good for humanity, he simply goe...

Basil Hallward

If Lord Henry is the Devil's advocate, then Basil Hallward is God's. He's an eternal idealist who truly believes in the innate goodness of mankind. What he doesn't realize is that he's a good man l...

Sybil Vane

Sibyl Vane is too good for her own…good. She's sublimely beautiful, amazingly talented, and totally innocent – which makes her a magnet for Dorian. She's everything he sees in himself,...

James Vane

James Vane is a simple character – he's totally motivated by love, jealousy, and revenge. He adores his sister, Sibyl, and swears to kill anyone that hurts her. He's kind of a super-masculine...

The Duchess of Monmouth

We have to admit, we were a bit worried about the charming young Duchess of Monmouth, since people who hang out with Dorian tend to end up dead or miserable, or both. However, she seems to have esc...

Alan Campbell

Poor Alan Campbell. He must have done something wrong at one point, since Dorian has solid blackmail material…but still, he just seems like a good guy who got caught up in the wrong crowd. He...

Adrian Singleton

After a brief shout-out in Basil's litany of ruined lives, we get to meet Adrian Singleton in the flesh…if you can even call it that. It turns out that the terrible end Dorian damned him to w...
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