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The Plague

The Plague


by Albert Camus

The Plague Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from The Plague.

Philosophical Viewpoints: The Absurd, Existentialism, Humanism Quotes

He had a soldierly bearing, very erect, and affected a military style of dressing; his snow-white hair was always brushed to perfect smoothness. Leaning over the balcony he would call: "Pussy! Puss...

Mortality Quotes

But at Oran the violent extremes of temperature, the exigencies of business, the uninspiring surroundings, the sudden nightfalls, and the very nature of its pleasures call for good health. An inval...

Suffering Quotes

Still, if things had gone thus far and no farther, force of habit would doubtless have gained the day, as usual. But other members of our community, not all menials or poor people, were to follow t...

Language and Communication Quotes

He had put the question solely to find out if Rambert could or couldn’t state the facts without paltering with the truth. "I’ve no use for statements in which something is kept back," h...

Duty Quotes

Then hurriedly he begged her to forgive him; he felt he should have looked after her better, he’d been most remiss. (1.2.21)

Freedom and Confinement Quotes

Everyone agreed that, considering their somewhat extraordinary character, they were out of place there. For its ordinariness is what first strikes one about the town of Oran. (1.1.1)

Religion Quotes

Most of those who took part in the Week of Prayer would have echoed a remark made by one of the churchgoers in Dr. Rieux’s hearing: "Anyhow, it can’t do any harm." (2.3.3)

Criminality Quotes

"I always say," the woman began, "if they clapped all that scum in jail, decent folks could breathe more freely." She was too much startled by Cottard’s reaction—he dashed out of the sh...

Truth Quotes

The town itself, let us admit, is ugly (1.1.2)

Love Quotes

Perhaps the easiest way of making the town’s acquaintance is to ascertain how the people in it work, how they love, and how they die. In our little town (is this, one wonders, an effect of th...

Time Quotes

For example, after describing how the discovery of a dead rat led the hotel cashier to make an error in his bill, Tarrou added: "Query: How contrive not to waste one’s time? Answer: By being...

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes

The morning noises of the streets sounded louder, gayer than usual. For everyone in our little town this day brought the promise of a new lease of life, now that the shadow of fear under which they...

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