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A Room with a View

A Room with a View


by E.M. Forster

 Table of Contents

A Room with a View Characters

Meet the Cast

Lucy Honeychurch

Lucy is an ordinary, extraordinary girl. On the outside, she’s a pretty, dark-haired, unremarkable and proper young English lady. Sure, she may express some unusual opinions at times, but eve...

George Emerson

George has a brooding, vulnerable James Dean thing going for him, which, we imagine, probably contributes to Lucy’s fascination with him. Yes, he’s sulky and sometimes quite difficult,...

Charlotte Bartlett

You may or may not remember, but a few years back, the cartoon website Homestar Runner was all the rage. Among its many quirky characters is the morose, Robert Smith-loving, falsetto-voiced Strong...

Reverend Arthur Beebe

You have to wonder what’s really going on with Mr. Beebe. He’s certainly an intriguing and likeable character; we enjoy hanging out with him, but we never feel like we know him. Maybe n...

Mr. Emerson

Mr. Emerson, a middle-class retired journalist of a lower social rank than the Honeychurches, is the most honest and direct character in the novel – and sadly, he’s the least popular. N...

Cecil Vyse

We have to wonder what Lucy ever saw in Cecil. Yes, he’s perfectly “right” on the outside – well-off, well-connected, and apparently intelligent. However, once we get to kno...

Miss Eleanor Lavish, a.k.a. Joseph Emery Prank

E.M. Forster could certainly be quite cruel. His depiction of Eleanor Lavish is ruthless – she’s tragically, ridiculously, hilariously bad. There is something so fabulous and precise ab...

Freddy Honeychurch

Freddy is seriously a laugh and a half. He’s easily our favorite minor character – the affable, silly, slightly odd younger brother we all wish we had. He’s emblematic of a couple...

Mrs. Honeychurch

Mrs. Honeychurch is a great mom. She really loves her kids and is pretty indulgent with them, despite the strict rules of the society they live in. Even if she is old-fashioned in her views on a wo...
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