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Make sure you know which calculator to bring to your test. You know what they say: don't bring a buffalo chip to an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. I lost a lot of friends that day...

Accepting Orders from Unauthorized Third Parties

Dashboard > Violations > Accepting Orders from Unauthorized Third Parties

Accepting Orders from Unauthorized Third Parties

Time passes and the trades continue in Bubbie’s account with no one the wiser (no one except Stiffy, that is). In fact, after seeing the solid 10% return the first three months in Bubbie’s account (and in a flat market, to boot), Bertie is getting suckered, charmed and fooled as well. He begins to want in on the Myron action, too.

Bertie was able to keep about $300,000 after finishing various settlements related to The Sauce Company’s bankruptcy. At 10% a quarter or 40% a year, he’d be ma...

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