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Know how many questions to expect in a section. There are about 500,000 buffalo in North America...and I expect to see each one of them at the next family reunion. (Uncle Abe, I'm looking at you.)

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No Worries

A teetering stack of envelopes addressed to Myron sits on Stiffy’s desk, most of them still unopened. Plucking one from the top of the pile, Stiff’s eyes light up when he sees who it’s from. Usually, Stiffy ignores letters from clients, but Bertie’s name is on this envelope. Always attuned to a new business opportunity, Stiffy eagerly opens it and reads.

Brows furrow and he thinks, “Hm… we might have a problem on our hands.” Stiffy consults one of his partners, Lawyer Larry.


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