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by Elizabeth Bishop

Sestina Resources

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Bishop's Biography

Check out Elizabeth Bishop's biography on It's got the goods, and then some.

Bishop, Bishop Everywhere

Southern Illinois University's esteemed Modern American Poetry site looks at Bishop and many of her poems. Feeling smart? This is your site.

The Mystery of Elizabeth Bishop

Here's a juicy article from about the secret life of this great poet's poems. Fascinating stuff—Shmoop's honor.


Voices and Visions and Liz

This documentary series will scratch every Bishop itch you've ever had. It covers her childhood, her travels in Brazil, and even delves into analyzing her poetry.

Sestina Extravaganza

If, after you've read "Sestina," you're dying to take a whack at the form, check out this how-to video, which uses Bishop's as an example.



Hear the poem, plain and simple, in all its gloomy glory.


A former editor at The New Yorker magazine and Bishop scholar talks about Elizabeth Bishop's life and works.

Fresh Air

Critic and Editor Lloyd Schwartz gabs with the ever-awesome Terry Gross about Bishop. The best part is, the guy knew her personally, so you'll get to hear about a different side of the poet.


Elizabeth Bishop

Glamour shot!

The Golden Years

A portrait of Elizabeth Bishop later in life, looking just as glamorous as in her younger years.


Edgar Allan Poe and the Juke-Box: Uncollected Poems, Drafts, and Fragments By Elizabeth Bishop

This book was all kinds of controversial, since it was published posthumously, and a lot of folks thought that Bishop would have hated to have had this stuff read.

Conversations with Elizabeth Bishop

Hear it from the horse's mouth, Shmoopers.

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