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The Raven

The Raven


by Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven Resources


Animated Reading of "The Raven"

So, people on YouTube love to animate pictures of poets. The idea is to make them look as if they were reading their own poems. This is a little creepy, but kind of fun.

Vincent Price doing "The Raven"

A famous version of the poem. Pretty hokey and hilarious. Captures the goofy side of this poem beautifully. The raven puppet is awesome!


Christopher Walken Reads "The Raven"

A creepy actor reads the creepy poem, and does a good job. Contains some neat slides too.

One more reading by a famous actor…

This one's by Basil Rathbone. He seems to really get into it.


Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore
A website stuffed with Poe materials. Trust us, Poe fans can get pretty serious about their guy.
Quoth the Milk Man, Nevermore

Milk has never seemed so spooky.

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