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Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinental Railroad

 Table of Contents

Transcontinental Railroad People

Who Made It Happen

Theodore Judah

Theodore Judah (1826-1863) was the father of the Central Pacific Railroad. He had studied civil engineering and worked as a railroad surveyor while still in his teens. After serving as an engineer...

Grenville Dodge

Grenville Dodge (1831-1916) was the chief engineer and a driving force behind the Union Pacific Railroad. Dodge had a military background, having achieved the rank of general in the Union Army duri...

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was the sixteenth president of the United States and is remembered as the savior of the Union and the Great Emancipator of the slaves. But in this story, Lincoln also fi...

Collis P. Huntington

Collis P. Huntington (1821-1900) was one of the Central Pacific Railroad Company's four investor-cum-directors (the men known as the Associates) and was a remarkably adroit and determined businessm...

Thomas C. Durant

Thomas C. Durant (1820-1885) was perhaps the most colorful and least liked of all the men involved in building the transcontinental railroad. Durant had been educated in medicine (and was often cal...

Leland Stanford

Leland Stanford (1824-1893) came to California and opened a store during the Gold Rush. He was successful in business and had a second career in politics, eventually becoming the governor of Califo...

Oakes Ames

Oakes Ames (1804-1873) was a U.S. congressman, an early investor in the Central Pacific, and a key player in the Union Pacific and Crédit Mobilier stories. Between his political power and the...

Charles Crocker

Charles Crocker (1822-1885) came to California by wagon on the overland route. Like the other Central Pacific Associates, he made his money as a merchant during the mining boom and was persuaded by...

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