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by James Joyce

Ulysses Resources

Movie or TV Productions


The Oscar winning 1967 version of Joyce's book. A great way to get a handle on the basic idea of the plot and setting.


A more recent version of Joyce's book. It's in color and gives much more attention to the raunchy episodes of the novel (e.g., compare Molly Bloom here to Molly Bloom in the earlier version).


Don Gifford's Ulysses Annotated

Here is a link to the Ulysses companion that we mention several times through this guide. It's an excellent way to deepen your knowledge of all things Bloom.

A Joyce Companion

Here's an online version of a quite good Joyce companion (just to help you get a handle on things).

Time 100 Profile

Pretty basic, but will give you a sense of Joyce's overall career and contribution to literature. Particularly notable for the number of Nobel Prize winners influenced by Joyce, though Joyce never won the Prize.


Brief Joyce Documentary

Learn a few facts about Ulysses in a jiffy, and a get a walking tour of Dublin at the same time.

Molly's Soliloquy

An interpretation of the last few pages of Ulysses from the recent film Bloom.


The Lass of Aughrim

An Irish ballad that Joyce used to sing to his wife Nora.

Love's Old Sweet Song

A version of the song that Molly and Boylan sing together when Boylan comes to 7 Eccles Street.

Joyce's Voice

Want to hear the author's voice? Thinking of tackling the next Joyce monster? Here's Joyce himself reading from Finnegan's Wake.

She Weeps Over Rahoon

A poem of Joyce's. It reminds you that when your internal voice is reading Ulysses to you, it should be reading with an Irish accent.


James Joyce Portrait
A portrait of James Joyce around the time that he wrote Ulysses.


The James Joyce Center

A website for the Joyce center, based in Dublin, full of useful information on the author.

Brazen Head

A pretty incredible collection of resources related to Joyce and his work, open to and maintained by the public.

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