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Virginia Woolf Websites

The Virginia Woolf Society

Are you obsessed with Virginia Woolf? Do you live in the greater London area? If you can't answer yes to both of these questions, then membership in the Virginia Woolf Society is probably not for you. Its website has a useful page of links, though you have to click through many broken ones to find the good stuff.

Tate Archive Journeys

The Tate Modern gallery in London staged a wildly successful exhibit of Bloomsbury painters a few years back. The exhibit is gone, but this online archive provides a user-friendly introduction to the art of the Bloomsbury Group.

Yale University Modernism Lab

Using this website is kind of like reading one of Virginia Woolf's novels—there's stuff scattered everywhere, but the overall effect is fascinating. This is a good place to look for quirky articles on the writer and her associates.

Virginia Woolf's Bookweb on The Ledge

The Ledge is a cool online project that builds a web of all books Woolf-related—the ones she read, the ones she wrote, and the ones you might like to read after you finish her books.

Virginia Woolf Web

This site contains an enormous amount of Woolf-related information; it is also ugly, confusing and a pain in the butt to navigate. The turquoise background is blinding. You've been warned.

The International Virginia Woolf Society

Should you decide to devote your life to the study of Virginia Woolf, this site is the place for you. This site caters primarily to Woolf academics, though it has a page of useful links to primary documents and research.

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