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William Wilson

William Wilson


by Edgar Allan Poe

William Wilson Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Poe gives his own birthday – January 19th – to William Wilson and his double. Is Poe making a point here about similarities between himself and his character, or is this just akin to Hitchcock and his famous cameo appearances?
  2. How much does William Wilson understand about his own situation? What do we know as readers that he does not?
  3. Does this story read differently the second time around than it does your first read through? What changes about the way you understand each scene?
  4. What does Wilson mean when he asks us to look for an element of fate in his story? Is such an element to be found?
  5. How is this story structured in its plot? Does this seem like an organized, rational presentation of events, or the choppy results of a confused and frantic narrator? What do you make of that?

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