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A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily


by William Faulkner

 Table of Contents

A Rose for Emily Characters

Meet the Cast

Miss Emily Grierson

Miss Emily is an old-school southern belle trapped in a society bent on forcing her to stay in her role. She clings to the old ways even as she tries to break free. When she's not even forty, she's...


Tobe, first described as "an old man-servant – a combined gardener and cook" (1.1). He is an even more mysterious character than Emily, and, ironically, probably the only one who knows the an...

Homer Barron

Homer is the man Emily murderers. Yet, somehow, the focus of the tragedy is on Emily. Given the information we know about Homer, he isn't a very sympathetic character. This is partly because the to...

Miss Emily's Father

Emily's father is the guy with the gigantic horsewhip. He's only referred to as "Emily's father." Faulkner himself didn't approve of the man at all. In an interview, Faulkner expounds on this chara...

Colonel Sartoris

The Colonel is the guy who initially dreamed up the scheme to relieve Emily of her tax obligations when her father died. That was a nice thing to do. But, this same Colonel, the mayor, "who," we ar...

Judge Stevens

Judge Stevens gets one of the best lines in the story: "Dammit, sir, will you accuse a lady to her face of smelling bad?" (2.9) Given everything the town knows at this point, the smell should have...

Old Lady Wyatt

Old lady Wyatt is Emily's great-aunt (on her father's side, we believe). Before her death, according to the townspeople, old lady Wyatt is "completely crazy" (2.11). She seems to be in the story to...

The Cousins

The town thinks Miss Emily's "two female cousins are even more Grierson than Miss Emily had ever been" (4.4). That is definitely not a compliment. These cousins from Alabama are relatives of old la...
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