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Character Analysis

Detering misses his wife back home on his farm in Oldenburg. A kind-hearted nature lover, Detering's biggest emotional outburst comes over the pains dying horses in the war. As the horses scream in agony, Detering yells, "God! For God's sake! Shoot them! […] Like to know what harm they've done" (4.60-71). He is a clever rat-catcher, having been the one to make the long wire dangler with a hunk of bread on the end of it. One day the men come across a flowering cherry tree. Detering is moved beyond belief. In the wee hours of the night, Paul wakes to find him packing. Two days later, Detering is nowhere to be found; he has run away. The men later discover that Detering has been found and court-martialed. He is never seen again.

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