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All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front


by Erich Maria Remarque

All Quiet on the Western Front Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from All Quiet on the Western Front.

Identity Quotes

There were thousands of Kantoreks, all of whom were convinced that there was only one way of doing well, and that way theirs. And that is just why they let us down so badly. (1.47)

Dreams, Hopes, and Plans Quotes

He turns away. After a pause he says slowly: "I wanted to become a head-forester once." (2.31)

Warfare Quotes

But on the last day an astonishing number of English field guns opened up on us with high-explosive, drumming ceaselessly on our position, so that we suffered heavily and came back only eighty stro...

Sacrifice Quotes

While they (the pontificating teachers and politicos) continued to write and talk, we saw the wounded and dying. While they taught that duty to one's country is the greatest thing, we already knew...

Patriotism Quotes

"It's queer, when one thinks about it," goes on Kropp, "we are here to protect our fatherland. And the French are over there to protect their fatherland. Now who's in the right?" (9.35)

Revenge Quotes

We had sworn for weeks past to do this. Kropp had even gone so far as to propose entering the postal service in peace-time in order to be Himmelstoss's superior when he became a postman again. He r...

Mortality Quotes

The wisest were just the poor and simple people. They knew the war to be a misfortune, whereas people who were better off were beside themselves with joy, though they should have been much better a...

Innocence Quotes

Yesterday we were relieved, and now our bellies are full of beef and haricot beans. We are satisfied and at peace. Each man has another mess-tin full for the evening; and, what is more, there is a...

Home Quotes

I imagined leave would be different from this. Indeed, it was different a year ago. It is I of course that have changed in the interval. There lies a gulf between that time and today. At that time...

Primitiveness Quotes

I become faint, all at once I cannot do any more. I won't revile any more, it is senseless, I could drop down and never rise up again. (2.53)

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