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All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front


Erich Maria Remarque

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All Quiet on the Western Front Characters

Meet the Cast

Paul Bäumer

Paul is The Man. This is his book, his story, his journey. He's the protagonist and, until about the last paragraph, the narrator. He's the reason why we have front row seats to one of the most gru...

Stanislaus Katczinsky (Kat)

Kat is the leader of the pack in almost every way. He is 40, mature, strong, and has a distinctive sixth sense in identifying trouble and food, which the other men admire greatly. Kat becomes Paul'...


When we first meet Tjaden, he is in ecstasy over the excess food rations made available by the death of so many soldiers. The guy eats like a horse. Tjaden is a peer of protagonist Paul and is port...


Müller is a member of Paul's crew, and a part of the original group which boot-camped in Platoon 9 under Himmelstoss. When we first meet him, he seizes the opportunity to take Franz Kemmerich'...

Albert Kropp

Kropp is painted as the "hungriest" along with Tjaden. So what are all these young boys hungry for? Is it just food? A rationale for fighting this war? Fairness? A voice? Kropp is the first to noti...


Detering misses his wife back home on his farm in Oldenburg. A kind-hearted nature lover, Detering's biggest emotional outburst comes over the pains dying horses in the war. As the horses scream in...

Corporal Himmelstoss

Though Himmelstoss is an authority figure during the war, during peacetime he was a postman. He's the stereotype of an insecure man in a world of NBA all-stars. His character is the prototype of a...


Kantorek is the old schoolmaster of the young men who enlist. He represents The Establishment and spouts out propaganda of the Fatherland and of Germany to his students. His "crime," according to P...

Franz Kemmerich

Kemmerich is the first soldier who dies in intimate detail in the story. We first encounter him in the hospital, recuperating poorly. While unconscious, someone has stolen his watch. Paul knows Kem...

Josef Behm

Behm didn't want to join the war, but he allowed himself to be persuaded by authority figures (teachers and parents) to enlist. His inability to say "no" costs him his life early in the novel. He d...

Lieutenant Bertinck

Bertinck is the company commander and a good guy. He loves his men, allows them to eat extra rations when Ginger the cook tries to withhold them, and he dies saving his company from the attack of e...

Gerard Duval

Duval is an enemy soldier, a French man, who crawls into the shell crater in which Paul is hiding during a bombardment. Paul stabs him with his knife and spends hours staring at the man who slowly...

Heinrich Ginger

Ginger is the camp cook who argues against the men having extra rations when he cooked for 150 soldiers and only 80 return alive.

Josef Hamacher

Josef is a sharpshooter the men encounter at the Catholic Hospital. When Paul tosses a bottle to quiet the loudly praying nuns, Jospef takes blame. The men are shocked by his boldness, until they l...


No relation to Darth. Kindervater is the other bed-wetter whom Himmelstoss trades off in the bunk bed with Tjaden.

Haie Westhus

Haie is like a bull. He's a peat digger with huge hands who hails from a farm. He hates that old gig so much that he actually wants to remain in the army even after the war. He dies after being str...
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