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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Boxer (a horse) Timeline and Summary

  • Boxer comes to hear about old Major’s dream.
  • Boxer accepts all the principles of Animalism.
  • He develops the "I will work harder" mantra.
  • Boxer kills a boy in the Battle of the Cowshed and feels guilty about it.
  • He is awarded "Animal Hero, First Class."
  • He momentarily challenges Squealer, believing that Snowball was loyal all the time.
  • He overpowers three of Napoleon’s dogs that attack him.
  • Boxer fights against the notion that the Battle of the Windmill was a victory.
  • Boxer collapses while trying to re-build the windmill again.
  • He tries to break out of the van, but is unable to escape being sent to his death.