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Apollo Photos

    Apollo and Aurora
    Red is a good color for me. [Painting by Gérard de Lairesse, 1671.]

    Apollo, Hermes, and Dionysus
    Having a bite with my buds. [Vase 350-330 BC. Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen, Wikimedia Commons, 2008.]

    Death of Hyacinthos
    RIP Hyancinthos. [Painting by Jean Broc, 1801.]

    Apollo vs. The Python
    Who did you think was going to win this one? [Painting by Jan Boeckhorst, 17th century.]

    Apollo, Child Killer
    Um, I'm a little embarrassed about this. [Painting by Pierre Charles Jombert, 1772.]

    Rock Star Apollo
    Here I am rocking a lyre, my favorite instrument! [Roman sculpture, 2nd century.]

    Apollo Chasing Daphne
    Come on, how is she not into me? [Painting by Carlo Maratta, 1681.]

    Daphne Runs from Apollo
    And she's STILL not into me. [Painting by Robert Lefèvre, c. 1810.]

    Apollo in His Chariot
    Just seeing how fast I can make my chariot go. [Fresco in the Dawn Room of the Este Castle in Ferrara, Italy. Photo by Massimo Baraldi.]

    Apollo and Two Muses
    And then, just as I got my chariot up to 200 miles per hour – wait, is that my cell phone ringing? Gotta take this, ladies. [Painting by Pompeo Batoni, c. 1741.]