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The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

by Jack London

The Call of the Wild Chapter 6 Summary

  • There is much discussion of love, and more specifically, the love between dog and owner. Buck feels more for Thornton than he ever has for a human before – including when he was leading the good life back in sunny California.
  • He shows his love by biting Thornton gently.
  • Remember Buck’s feelings of transience? Well he does, too, and he is afraid Thornton will leave him. He therefore refuses to let the man out of his sight.
  • Buck is still feeling the primitive vibes. You can take the dog out of the wild but you can’t take the wild out of the dog.
  • He starts hearing this same "call from the wild;" he has this yearning to go live in the woods and hunt and howl.
  • To demonstrate how loyal Buck is, Thornton tells him to jump off a cliff. Buck starts to do it, but Thornton pulls him back. It was the least he could do.
  • Thornton gets in the middle of a bar fight and Buck gets viciously protective.
  • Buck saves Thornton from near drowning. This scene is heroic and dramatic and definitely worth a good read.
  • Seems like Buck has gotten a reputation for being awesome. Some men bet Thornton that Buck can’t pull a thousand-pound load. Thornton bets with money he doesn’t have. Fortunately for him, Buck pulls through and wins his master a ton of money.
  • Now everyone wants to own Buck, and they offer Thornton obscene amounts of money for him, which Thornton refuses with such words as "go to hell."