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Bell Curve


On your first day of the job, you answer a call from a key client and accidentally hit speaker phone instead of hold before describing in detail to your new co-worker your hatred for dealing with clients. You don't even have enough stuff on your desk yet to pack up.


You score a (lamentably) steady job as the Administrative Assistant for the municipal water company for your town. Unfortunately, you live in the desert, so you spend your days re-filing reports from the last time it rained.


You work as a Legal Assistant for Crash and Sue attorneys. You make decent money but can never watch late night TV again because of the corny commercials.


You have spent a decade at a reputable company working as the Administrative Assistant. You have learned the inner-workings of the office, and are now the office manager, supervising a team of bright Administrative stars.


Your administrative skills have become legendary and you are recruited to be the Personal Assistant to a famous movie star. Your life moves into the fast lane, and the money, glamor and fame that you have always wanted are...near you.