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The Real Poop

Anthropology: What you say to the insects whose hill you have just accidentally stepped on. Hold up–that's an ant apology. Let's try this again....

Anthropology: the study of the–development and behavior of human beings. Oh yeah. That sounds like a career. Isn’t that what George Clooney does?

No, seriously. It sounds like a bunch of guys in lab coats observing a roomful of men and women through one-way glass and recording their actions onto a sheet of notebook paper. How in the world are you going to make money or add productively to society by doing that? As with most long words that the majority of us don’t fully understand, there’s more to anthropology than meets the one-way glass.

Anthropologists may study trends in overpopulation and devise ways to reverse them (short of walking into people's homes and personally strapping contraceptives on them, of course). Google how China dealt with their overpopulation issues–a real hoot. Anthropologists may study and eventually better understand other cultures, so that perhaps we will not be so much at odds with them one day and there will be less warfare between nations  (or to at least learn their schedules so we know when would be the best time to launch a sneak attack). Physical anthropologists may study the remains of men and women uncovered at archeological sites to learn how and why they died or contracted disease, and how we can avoid their mistakes. Ever heard of Lucy?  She was the first "hominid" (human-like-thing) which we think trolled the earth on two legs, gossiped about her neighbors, and carried angst over her taxes.

She would have loved this show.