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You've got the power over an entire room's mood and energy level. If you're good, you'll have people moving like happy, electrified squirrels. Want proof of your abilities? Cut the power in the middle of a good dance. People will remember you for a long, long time (see: Physical Danger). 

Remember the golden rule of volume: What goes up, must come down. Same with tempo and style—audiences are a finicky lot these days. If you play electronic and they prefer dub, well, consider the show a rehearsal. Or push yourself to convert the naysayers to your side. People want winners and they want to be motivated to move and you have the power.

When artists think of power and money, their eyes sort of glaze over and they go on a mental vacation, wandering around in the world of their own creations. Commercial radio and event DJs may crave power, but mixmasters, turntablists, and controllerists (it's a thing) strive to make people happy. Sounds trite, but it's true. How often do you make people smile without irony or sarcasm, but with pure exhilaration?