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Bell Curve


You work at a "Medicaid Mill" where there is a line of 100 people out the door. Your days are spent performing rush dental treatments on patients. You are exhausted and unhappy with your job performance, but there is no time to dwell…there is always another patient.


You are a prison dentist. The atmosphere isn't great, but your patients are the most appreciative patients you've ever had. However, sometimes you are missing a scalpel.


You have your own practice and employ a number of dental technicians. Things are going great and you are able to vacation a couple times of year. But your kids are sick of going to the American Academy of the History of Dentistry, the National Museum of Dentistry, and the Historical Dental Museum.


You are a leading authority on cosmetic dentistry in your area. Your clientele consists of all the local celebrities. In fact, the other day you gave Kip Winger a root canal. He was unable to sing "Miles Away" with a mouthful of instruments.


You have your own reality show: Dr. Cooler Than You. Every leading man in Hollywood comes to you for braces. You drive a Delorean and love life.