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On the other hand, there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs whose names you may never know, but they influenced the lives of millions. Like Ben Huh, who owns the Cheezburger Network, a bunch of websites based on funny pictures of animals. So far Huh has raised $32 million in venture funding. Who's LOLing now?

Look a little closer and you'll find Rohitch Bhat, the guy who invented the zoom function on the first iPhone.

Or Chester "Who?" Carlson, the inventor of the Xerox machine.

And who could forget Ignaz Semmelweis, who saved millions of lives when he discovered the importance of hand washing? He may have been teased for his name in school, but you know he was all about the "How d'ya like me now?" at his high school reunion.

Glory does have its dark side. See: Segway.