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Bell Curve


Your first day on a call, and the fire won. You'll be remembered fondly.


You're a fire lieutenant at a small fire house in Kansas. The main cause of fires in your town is cows kicking over lanterns.


You're the fire captain at a large fire station in the city. You’re looking good to earn that pension, but you’re not sure how long you’ll have to enjoy it - you were just diagnosed with lung cancer. A work-related risk, but that doesn't help you feel much better about it.


You're a fire chief with the LAFD. You're old and weathered, but you’ve put in a lifetime of valuable service and have earned much respect. And when you retire, you get to keep Spot.


You saved 47 children from a burning orphanage and are a national hero. You are still haunted by the fact that you were unable to save their pet gerbil, Nutsy, but you'll get over it eventually.