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You have endless reserves of the power to say yes, and only yes. Yes, you can get a maroon casket to match the paisley tie, yes, the funeral can happen tomorrow, yes, you do know a great caterer, and yes, yes you did do the makeup. But you also have the power to say a very polite no to anyone who is not the next of kin. The legal next of kin has all the power - no one else does. Therefore, you will learn and relish the idea that you are able to speak on behalf of the next of kin and say “no” to the secret mistress who wants to come an hour after the visitation is over. No to the doctor who wants to wait until Monday morning to come up with the causes of death. No to the purge that wants to escape Uncle Wally’s mouth! Not only that, but you will discover an amazing ability you never knew you had, the power to comfort, honor, and provide an invaluable service to your families.