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Bell Curve


You've tried to sell your rock collection to a tribe of cannibals while looking for the next big oil fields. Let's just say that they do not appreciate trilobites as much as you do.


You've lost your way back from a research trip in the Mohave Desert. You may not make it to see tomorrow, but who cares? With all this Precambrian era metamorphic rock, you are dying in paradise.


You've discovered the largest dinosaur remains ever found in Mississippi while on a fishing trip. Your boyfriend complains that you take your work everywhere.


You've hit the coal jackpot and it's in your backyard. While testing new equipment, you found a huge coal deposit where Fido digs up the flowers. You buy a new house, a new car, a new Fido.


You found clean groundwater in India. Locals do not have to rely on arsenic contaminated surface water. They call you a hero. You sure feel like one.