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Being a geologist can be as stressful as standing next to an erupting volcano (which may sometimes be part of the job description). Geologists often conduct fieldwork, which leaves them at risk for getting hurt. While flying over a bubbling volcano can be exciting, it does leave one slightly stressed out. Oftentimes, geologists have regular office hours. Those who teach in universities may have to balance their schedules for teaching and research.

If you mention stress to a geologist, they will undoubtedly get excited. They may explain to you that stress causes rocks to strain, which results in the formation of structures. Actually, geologists are like rock psychologists. They are able to look at a rock formation and judge the type of stress that the rock was under. They are also able to understand why the rock was under stress and if the rock is still strained to the point of formation. Also like real psychologists, geologists cannot prescribe medications for rock stress. It's back to silent meditation for those rocks.