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Bell Curve


You're fresh out of art school and are looking for graphic design work. You can draw a pretty nice self-portrait, but you don't have a graphic design degree, no portfolio, and computers scare you. Why are you doing this again?


You wised up, went to college, and got your graphic design degree. Now you're better prepared, but you'll still be starting at the bottom. One agency seemed interested, but you haven't heard back from them since April….


You do graphic design for a medium-sized agency in Newark. Once in a while you get to work on an interesting project, but most of the time it seems to be a lot of logos for financial institutions that incorporate the Statue of Liberty in them somewhere.


You are self-employed, and you do incredibly well for yourself. You’re talented, driven, and have made all the right connections. Heck—give yourself a raise.


You are the senior graphic designer at the largest agency in the country. You are most well-known for that "C" that looks like a distended stomach in the new "KFC" logo.