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Bell Curve


Bio-Waste of Space. Salary: $25,000 

The biomass that used to be your nursery is being recycled as greenwaste. Way to go. Maybe now you'll know better than to neglect the space after the first winter frost sets in.


Inventory Issues. Salary: $35,000 

There are too many frilly home décor items in your store, and only a few plants. It's a great place to shop for those lacy throw pillows that are too expensive to actually throw, or candles made from recycled, vegan, green beeswax in a developing country that doesn't enslave bees. Your retail nursery is really just a common boutique that doesn't bring in enough revenue for rent.


Happy Horticulturalist. Salary: $43,500 

Plants are happy. Customers are happy. Even the vegan bees and the hosers are happy. It may be hard to earn a typical over-indulgent living by running a retail nursery, but the work is satisfying.


Steady as the Seasons. Salary: $50,340 

The plant turnover is reliable and steady, and revenue is good. Who needs to sell so many boutique items when the plants are selling so well? You're starting to think this could actually become a lucrative career for you. You could even buy a commercial space and open another nursery in the next town.


Better than Expected (Plant) Growth. Salary: $80,000 

Yeah, that's Martha Stewart out there with a hose. She was so impressed with your nursery she wanted to take some publicity shots of her among the plants. Everything's going well at your nurseries and the revenue is excellent. If vegan bees had money, they'd shop at your nurseries. We asked—you're what all the buzz is about.