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HR Director

Odds of Getting In

The hiring of human resources managers is supposed to grow in the coming years, as new companies spring up and expand. So it looks good for folks breaking into the world of HR. But getting to the top of the heap is a tad trickier. Hard work, political maneuvering, imagination, and dumb luck all play a part in your ascent. (Of course, if you're in an eensy, teensy business, you might start at the top because you're the boss of all things, including HR.)

But if you'e in a company bigger than just you and a few folks who are under your thumb, then pay attention to things like business objectives and targets. In other words, think of the good of the company first, and you, second. No. 1 is anything that helps the business. What you'll also need is drive, ambition, and a wicked sense of humor to help you through those days when the score is: Confusion: 100, You: 0.