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Mall Cop


Who you calling basic? (Source)

For the most part, a high school diploma and some on-the-job training are the basics for getting a job in mall security. However, meeting only the most basic qualifications will help ensure that you're competing for the most basic of positions—and salaries.

If you want to up your chances of joining the team for mall justice, you should plan to take some courses to earn security certifications or to beef up your résumé. It's possible to get certified in everything from CPR to hand-to-hand combat to peer mediation. Mall cops are kind of like the protective warrior Elves of the mall—which we guess would make the mall Santa the Gandalf of the mall.

One important qualification is the ability to pass a background check. You aren't going to get hired with a serious police record or behavioral issues. A felony conviction in your past is most likely going to prevent you from being employed to prevent crime. It might seem like they just give a badge to anyone, but it's really only given to anyone who hasn't already been to prison.