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As with most occupations charged with maintaining law and order, the life of a mall cop will consist of long periods of calm punctuated by short periods of intense stress. 

Mall security officers spend a great deal of their time patrolling the various wings of the building in a loop, and the rest stationed at an entrance or exit or inside a security booth. People walk by you and most don't make eye contact. One or two may even smile at you.

But are they a friendly shopper, or nefarious evildoer? It'll be your job to figure that out.

Suddenly a situation arises: there's an argument, a shoplifter, or some other emergency and everyone looks to you to be in charge. And they're right—that's kind of what you signed up for. Because people's safety, the mall's property, and your livelihood are on the line, these situations can be very stressful. Luckily, you've trained for what's happening and are able to maintain calm in the face of stress.

Except during the holidays. We're not sure even the most patient Buddhist monk could stay completely cool at all hours of the Black Friday shop-for-all.